4 Steps to Create Your Social Media Initiative

When creating a social media community and networking initiative, follow these critical steps:

1.) Chose your AUDIENCE – Be specific. Do I want to engage with retail consumers, doctors, plumbers, working parents?
2.) Know your GOAL – What exactly do I want to accomplish or measure? What is the desired end result? Again, be specific.
3.) Set your STRATEGY – How will I accomplish my goal? Who will be involved on my end? Do I have buy-in/commitment from all the players on my end? What 3rd parties will be involved.? What is everyone’s role?
4.) Select the TOOLS that fit the strategy – What specific social media tools (when I say “tool” I mean outlets like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Digg, StumbleUpon, Bogging, White Label Social Networks, etc) will help me reach my goal?